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The clamor now of the small fishermen is the dismantling of big fishpen owned by corporations, the owners of which are politicians, retired military personnel and other influential persons with strong connections to the government. Fishermen associations are pushing for the proper allocation of the allowable area to include fishermen cooperatives.

je suis tout à fait d'accord.

drawing with light

Again, very nice shots... my fave's the second pic :)


Nice symmetry to these.


glad to see this closer, i normally see from the window of the airplane during landing in NAIA.


interesting story as always. fishcages look like piece of art or sculpture...beautiful lines and form here:-)) nice capture!

interesting story as always. fishcages look like piece of art or sculpture...beautiful lines and form here:-)) nice capture!


isn't it always the way, more interesting (sad) information

Mike Dougan

This is the same with all businesses here, e.g. the politician's own the local bus companies thats why it was so hard to get the go ahead for the North Rail project.


I like the second picture.

I was just wondering; are the milkfishes imported to other countries as well?



Well, this is a good thing to remember. I will never eat milkfish imported from the Philippines again! No wonder these bangus are so big! They're the ones cleaning the bay!

19 Seconds Of Spring

Nice work... I choose the last picture!


This is getting better all the time. Keep 'm coming.


looking your blog I can discover Philippines


Tena koe ehoa
Sounds like your source is doing everything but actually documenting or speaking of the underhand business dealings and governmental corruption of this souring resource venture.
Perhaps a good thing in case of political retribution Sidney?

The legacy of man is written in the pages of history, those who struggle are monumental martyrs of humanity while, those who conquer and defeat everyone and everything at all cost are founders.

The means by which each "Martyr" and "Founder" get to where they eventually end up is, the important aspect that is of real importance to the evolution of societies and humanity.

What do people with power want? More power!

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